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Bill and Ted Face the Music is just as goofy as the first two movies. I enjoyed it immensely. I think Ted's daughter was way more her dad than Bill's daughter.

It has come to my attention that I really need to get a good electric standing desk so I can start building my home office/hobby space.

Rack em up

Rack em up

So after years of running various iterations of a home server and more than a year in a rack style case sitting on the floor...I finally have my server where it belongs.

And now the home server has a shiny new Rosewill 4u home. That was surprisingly much easier than I anticipated.

Apple: Nobody wants a touchscreen laptop. It makes your arm tired.
Also Apple: Check out how the iPad is now basically a touchscreen laptop. It's magical (tm).

I was using "dark mode" when it was just us Linux users in the late 90's making our xfree86 setups edgy.

Got the driver front fender sanded and primed. One step closer to painting.

It's not a slippery slope, it's a water slide!

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No really, having a real home server is not a slippery slope. Just because it started as my Plex and Nextcloud server and is now running 14 docker images and a VM hosting multiple services...just because I now host my own email, password manager, music streaming, movie streaming, TV show streaming, eBook reading, Minecraft, and network monitoring and management services on said server does not mean I have a problem. Really. I can stop whenever I want. Oh, and this blog is hosted on said server. I suppose I should have that in the list as well. My daughter's blog is hosted on this server, too. I should not forget that one either.

My latest addition is the music management and streaming (based on this image). So I have Headphones in a docker for music management. It is connected with a local Musicbrainz mirror in another docker for artist, album, and track info. All of that ultimately puts my music in a file share that Plex and Airsonic can see. The latter I am now using to stream (Spotify style) to my phone when driving. Oh, and if for some reason Headphones is unable to identify an album, I have beets in another docker as a secondary identification system. Right now using beets is a manual process but I am currently working on a script that will monitor my 'incoming' folder for '[Unprocessed]' at the end of a folder name. This indicates that Headphones was unable to match it. Those will be moved to a folder that beets will run against on a schedule. See? Totally not a slippery slope.

On an unrelated note, I'm probably about 2-3 months away from needing more RAM for that server.

You know, re-seasoning a cast iron skillet the right way takes time.

Another evening at the gym. I'm going to be feeling it tomorrow.