Uncertain one
Caught between fear and doubt
The moment elongated

Listen to the silence
The quiet mind
It knows
It reveals

Change brings fear
It gives way
Happiness conquers


Have you ever made a connection
One so profound it alters your very being
One so personal that your soul is suffused
A hole you didn’t know you had, filled

Not just feelings of heart and mind
But of sheer wholeness, completion
Nobody alone is capable
It takes two for this

It isn’t a form of moderation
Mere acceptance and understanding
These are just compromises
For those that don’t take the risk

It burns with lasting intensity
With joy and fear and hope
Uncertainty lines the entrance
To stop the timid wills

See, nothing in life is easy
Not even that little step
If it were, then would we
Hold dear this special gift?

Night Elf Hunters

Riddle me this
Riddle me with arrows
Bleed like a wench*
Little Alliance twit

*some words censored for the faint of eyesight


“I don’t need protecting from myself”

But sometimes…it helps to have someone protect you from your inner demons while you gather the strength to face them down yourself. When you get right down to it, only you can defeat them…nobody can do it for you. The best anyone else can do is offer to stand in between.

Weave of the Cloth

Another thread?
And the tapestry?

Is there a pattern?
When will we know?

Is there a plan?
Do we know it?

Is the weave right?
How do we know?


Interesting things runes. They tend to be fairly accurate…at least in hindsight. After all, the subconscious mind is very aware of what is going on around you…more than your conscious mind. Runes are a great way to tap the subconscious for advice.

The problem with the conscious mind is simple…it’s way too cluttered with randomness. The subconscious mind is more organized and and correlate and analyze things more accurately because of this. At least that’s my theory. But who am I to decide what’s right? I’ve got just as much clutter up here as anyone. Just ask my voices.

Or maybe don’t ask them…they’re fairly confusing right now.

Ebb and Flow

Amazing how many different ways life is likened to a body of water. The constant flow, like time, uninterrupted. The thrill and fear of hitting the rapids and trying to navigate through them in one piece. I think it’s probably more accurate to compare the two like this: Life is like a river in their number of diversities.


Perhaps the play of life and emotion is subtle, too subtle. Oh, there are times of chaos and turmoil that can be likened to the dance of the flames in a raging inferno. The problem is the quiet times because that is when reality steps in to make itself known. All too often do we invent our own little worlds and expectations to fit within our ideals heedless of those around us. Perhaps it is the ideals that are the core of the problem that so often plagues us. How much better would the world be if we could just find a way to get rid of our ideals and learn to work within reality or even better, learn to fit our ideals withing reality so that they create a harmony. But perhaps such thinking is nothing more than a flighty ideal in itself…


Soul of the night
blending so well
I see you clearly


I ran across an old little writing I did years ago about love…kinda Shakespeare-esque in meter–

A most elusive creature hath Love ever been and even more so to keep once found. Love hath never been fond of captivity nor to the bindings of flighty lusts that forever inflame those of weak spirit or mind but shouldst Love reveal itself to the purity of feelings and then douse simple lust, the much more complex does it become and even harder to describe. Even with the broadness of all the languages of the world they cannot even dimly portray the ecstacy of being joined with that so elusive and glorious.

I don’t know that I’ve ever had such an experience…which leaves me wondering how I could possible try to describe it. Odd in its own way.