The thought of a wedding is something nice. Being a guest at a wedding is an emotional experience. Being in a wedding and/or planning and organizing a wedding is pure unfiltered stress. It’s a psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual drain. Oh, I’m not saying a wedding isn’t worth it. But make no mistake, few things you will encounter in life will test your resilience like pulling off a perfect wedding.

I spent the majority of the afternoon and evening putting out fires and preventing feuds. My father was as belligerent as ever. My mother was frayed and stretched taut since she was pretty much left to put the entire wedding together single-handedly. Chaos stepped up to throw the next pitch. This is where I come in.

I was mediator between my mother and everybody…my sister and our parents…my father and mother…and pretty much anyone else that wanted to add their own little touch of entropy to the festivities. Luckily I happen to be an agent of perversity (I hope you know the difference between the perverse and the perverted). If you pit entropy against perversity…well…things have a way of working out. Chaos doesn’t stand a chance. Home Run!

All in all, it went well from my sister’s point of view. That’s what really matters.

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