This is kind of an almagamation of Shadowalker and Rangers and about three other writings that weren’t posted.


In the darkness of night
the shadows of day
a form slowly moves
observing the view

This is my life
to walk in places
others will not go
out of fear of unknowns

Here I abide
and stand firm, determined
no ground will I give
nor back will I turn

This is my home
it is all I have known
understanding the beast
makes it a beast no more

Some fear the dark
but the dark fears me
I know of its secrets
and hidden frailties

But make no mistake
about my place here
I stand in the dark
to hold it at bay

One cannot fight
an enemy unknown
or one will lose
before one volley thrown

I know the dark
it is my home
I know it well
so I will not lose

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