Wandering Thoughts

Decisions are made in their own time.

The subconscious knows a lot…but it only tells you when you are ready and willing to listen. It can be irritating and annoying, but that’s how it works.

There are many types of love.

Life without happiness is merely existing…it isn’t really living.

Things change over time. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad.

Always be true to yourself.

Go after what you want.

Learn patience…it’s probably one of the harder things to do. But it’s necessary because things will happen in their own time.

Friendship is sacred. Always cherish it.

Don’t forget the little things. Every ‘big’ thing is really made up of lots of little things.

Manners. Never forget them.

When you can help someone, do so.

Don’t be afraid to reach for something more. Even if you don’t succeed, you will learn something about yourself.

Don’t expect to ever fully know yourself. Finding out new things about you is a little gift. Enjoy it.

Sing. It’s fun…especially when people look at you funny.

Dance. It’s fun, too. Try it while singing.

Have at least one good laugh a day. It makes things a little better.

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