On Holidays

So I was sitting here thinking about the holidays. Amazing how much stress can breed from something that’s supposed to be a simple celebration. You really gotta hand it to the capitalistic think-tanks. They never miss a chance to rape a meaningful event until it’s nothing more than a profit increasing spend-fest. I suppose it can’t be helped. We’re all so caught up in material things that we soon forget what’s really important in life.

Things don’t make people happy. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, the fulfilling of needs and desires…that’s where happiness comes from. I think we lose sight of that sometimes. It’s not that Xbox360 or that new pair of shoes that brings the joy. There was a desire for it. The desire was fulfilled. That’s the source of the joy.

I’m not some silly nit that thinks we should give up material things and live the idealistic utopian life. That idea would never survive the times. I’m just saying that rather than focus on the material things we believe will make us happy…try looking at the needs and desires behind it all. That’s where we should focus. It’s a lot easier to get to the joy and happiness if we cut through the muck and get right down to what we really need and want. Now give me my Xbox360.

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