Correlations and Introspection

It occurs to me that the problem with human conflict is really a minor thing blown out of proportion. We are all different. We have different likes, views, opinions, dreams, hopes. Many times we will find that ours will conflict with those we spend time with. The problem isn’t the differences themselves. The problem is that some people cannot, will not, or do not know how to deal with these differences. In reality, it isn’t that hard. There is beauty in what is not the same. There is beauty in seeing things from another perspective.

However, some find it difficult to see the beauty. Many times these people are expending large amounts of energy and willpower attempting to bend others to their point of view. They will try in vain to cram someone else into a mold never meant to hold them. They will strive and struggle to achieve something that is futile and has no meaning. When they fail, they lash out in anger and frustration. Sometimes this lashing out is done quietly or behind the backs of those they failed to force into their little view of the world. The intrigue and drama of a bad situation is only heightened by such an act.

This is a poor way of handling other people. Unfortunately, this is what most often happens. Why is it so difficult to accept someone’s differences? Why is it such an outrageous expectation to accept that the differences among peoples is a wondrous thing that brings insight and knowledge? How often have people learned new and interesting things about themselves, the world, or the Universe after observing the myriad of differing aspects of Humanity? Knowledge is the only true power in the Universe and it cannot be gathered by a closed mind. It cannot be harnessed by someone whose eyes are closed to the landscape of Mankind.

I’ve said it before and I do not think it can be emphasized enough. Take off the rose colored glasses. Step out of the fantasy world of your delusions. Spend some time in the real world. The world of diverse beliefs and opinions is reality. Some will agree in part with your own ideals. The amount will vary by individual. Some will not agree at all. Some will be diametrically opposed. Do not take this as a sign of the other’s shortcomings. See it for what it is. It is an opportunity to better understand yourself and others through the exploration of that which makes us all unique in some way.

We are all of one Race. We are all of one planet. We are all of one Universe. However nobody shares the exact combination of every Human aspect with you. Some of these aspects you may never know until you meet someone with a differing one. The exploration is a journey into the unknown parts of yourself by way of the road of dissimilar facets of Humankind. This journey can either be a joyous excursion of discovery and understanding or a long winding battle with unchangeable miens that will ultimately bring melancholy and rancorous moods and thoughts.

I would wager that the whole of Human suffering from wars to inequalities to poverty could be traced back to a single source. A failure to understand and respect our own differences and in doing so, a failure to understand ourselves.

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