Military Green

No, I don’t mean money. I mean that even the US Military is getting in on the “Go Green” movement. As mentioned here, the military is beginning to adopt technologies for greener living. This has two results. One, many things are difficult to get in the field (like electricity)…solar and fuel cell technologies can alleviate much of this. Two, in using said tech, we reduce our dependence on foreign controlled energy resources.

I like the sound of finding efficient bio-fuels for aircraft. While I know it will put a strain on the fledgling industry (unless they can easily produce said fuels from kudzu…sheesh that stuff grows fast), it will lift a heavy part of our dependence on foreign oil. And who wants our nation’s defense forces at the mercy of foreign powers to use their equipment? Besides, necessity is the mother of invention. A heavy demand will force producers to find faster and better ways of generating the fuels.

Biofuels, fuel cells, solar power, and hybrid vehicles. The military gets it. Albeit for more reasons than the average consumer. Now we just need to get some of this tech down to the private sector at some reasonable prices. Sooner or later we will all need to consider Green Living if we want to further our existence on this planet.

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