Mother Culture and Politics

A long drive is amazingly conducive to deep thoughts. I found my self considering all of the recent developments in my life…say…over the last 8 months. There’s been a lot of ups and downs during this period and more than a little confusion since words and actions of others have often been in contradiction of each other. Over the past couple of months I’ve been slowly working on getting back into focus on my path. This past month it’s been even more of a priority. There have already been some pretty impressive results in this increased focus. I’m overall much happier than I have been in a while. That isn’t to say I wasn’t happy during some of the times during the past 8 months…but overall I wasn’t happy because I couldn’t have what I wanted. I’ve moved past that, I’ve woken from a very long sleep. I’m not sure the world is ready for that.

See, among my many beliefs is also this: I have traveled this plane before…several times, in fact. I have been amassing a subconscious knowledge that manifests itself in frequent intuitions and moments of epiphany. My soap box rant from a little while back is an example. I really can’t say what the result of my awakening will be. I don’t even know if it will have any effect on anyone other than myself. What I do know, however, is that it has become time for me to stand and speak. To share my thoughts and ideals. To offer the open minds of this world other options. I am not Ishmael, the depth of that wisdom is still beyond my grasp. That is probably for the best, though.

The human race is still far too young to appreciate the brilliance of that wisdom’s simplicity. We are too distracted by inconsequential little things such as politics, religion, and social status. We are drowning in our own delusions of nationality and patriotism. It is as though Mother Culture has played a lullaby for our minds that holds a subliminal message to follow her whims. We are nothing more than biological automaton droids serving our mistress. What has happened to the free thinkers? What has happened to the great philosophers of times past that questioned the truly important things about existence here? When will someone else stand and ask these questions that I am asking?

Only time will be able to answer that question and he is patient. I fear, though, that his patience may allow Mother Culture to kill us all. She breeds in us the hatred and fear for our fellow man. She teaches us that we are special…we are unique…we are better than the others. She convinces us that we are the best of the best and that this world is ours for the taking. She entices us to cast off the natural order of things and bend the very existence of the universe to our will. It matters not that the universe is not meant to be controlled such trivial things as man. She has taught us we are right and the universe is wrong. Therefore, we will rush headlong into a battle that cannot be won. A battle with Nature herself.

I speak not of just trees and grass and rolling countryside. Think in a more universal sense. I speak of this plane of existence. The very nature of the universe in which we live cries out against what Mother Culture has taught us. Who are we to think we can bend the creation of all that is here to our will? For that matter, who told us that our will works as one? Who convinced the ones in power on this planet that mankind could have a single will? One would think that the current state of affairs on this planet would be evidence enough to suggest that one or two people have differing ideas on what should happen and how things should be done.

It is both sad and amusing to see the petit ‘leaders of nations’ preaching that their nations are what is right for the world…especially since they all offer different views on what is right. I find it disappointing that none of the major players have stepped up decided that Mother Culture is wrong and that this planet has but one race that should learn to live together. By that, I don’t mean the lip service that you hear is specially and scientifically crafted speeches that have the sole purpose of generating popular support. Those are nothing more than glorified fortune cookies…only more palaverous.

Even more disconcerting is the number of people that wholly believe what these silly twits are spewing forth. Since when was talk more important than actions? Since when could a little medley of random buzz phrases be enough for people to believe that someone is a good leader that has everyone’s best interest in mind? I have yet to hear a political speech that wasn’t just fluff. I have yet to hear a politician stand up and say ‘Here is the goal and this is exactly what we need to do to achieve it’. Instead it’s ‘Here is the goal. We won’t stop till we get it’. That’s nice. How exactly are you planning to do it. Pitching words like ‘loyalty’ and ‘patriotism’ don’t explain how we are going to get there. Am I the only one that notices this?

Okay…enough rant. I’m tired and want to watch SG-1 before I go to bed. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make you laugh. Today was the day of thought.

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